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1 .How to confirm the bounce house is qualified?

From the beginning of June 2002, national recreation facilities on the volumetric formally implemented the production permit system. All such production enterprises must hold a production license before production, the production of products as qualified products. Our company from March 18, 2002 get national quality and technical supervision and quarantine examination and issued a “national industrial products production license.

2.what is the material of the bounce house ?

With high quality and net PVC material. This material is a kind of professional inflatable cloth, good cold resistance, can reach 40 degrees below zero low temperature; flame retardant performance is good, 5 seconds away from the fire.

3. Bounce house for which the children’s play?

It is suitable for children aged 3-16.

4. if you play in a sudden power failure, will not cause damage to children?

Not to cause injury to children. Because there is enough air inside the toy, after testing, from the stand in the highest point of the toy (weight 70kg) adults feet touch the ground when the check requires at least more than 70 seconds slowly fall time. So it will not cause harm to children.

5.Bounce house what are the requirements on the business site?

The ground is flat, no sharp objects.

Special attention: when the children are playing, adults should be in the side to watch oh!