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Bounce House Rentals

Bounce House Rentals is an outdoor recreational facilities, if you want to play indoors can also, we can according to your request to design size Bounce House,Bounce House has many shapes, animals and figures, we have a variety of shapes for you to choose from. Bounce House can be said to be the children’s Park, now the children are not limited in general play,Bounce House can exercise the child’s courage, strength and other. Large Bounce House can accommodate a dozen children. Kids fun only the children know that they are in the process of playing may become good friends,Bounce House is to increase the friendship between friends, a recreational facilities. So the inflatable trampoline is a good recreational facilities.


We are the Bounce House manufacturers and suppliers, we strive to give customers the best products! Whether you are a person or company to buy Bounce House, we will sincerely serve for you! Bounce House is now increasingly popular, both in Chinese or abroad. Inflatable bouncers are generally used for park, children’s playground, there are some clubs, of course, if your child hold a birthday party can also be used Bounce House, that will give the kids a memorable and happy birthday party!